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Transportation Management

Specially designed for logistics and transportation enterprises, integrating functions such as order, scheduling, tracking, payment, data analysis, etc. Covering all scenarios including tripartite, urban distribution, and dedicated lines, supporting multimodal transportation by rail, rail, and water. Collaborate with Open API to achieve cross system collaboration and terminal interconnection.

Warehouse Management

Integrating functions such as inbound, outbound, inventory management, and billing, aiming to improve warehousing efficiency, and optimize customer service. Equipped with numerous algorithms such as networked cloud warehouse, wave picking, location strategy, safety stock, and zoning optimization, it comprehensively enhances the digital level of warehouse management.

Billing Management

Provide billing templates, billing strategies, settlement rules, and approval processes to flexibly meet various complex pricing and billing logic. Built in standardized accounting subjects or synchronized with financial systems, supporting the integration of various mainstream online payment solutions, it is the core system for group enterprises to build financial sharing centers.


SaaS – Cloud Based

With a SaaS model that allows “Ready-to-Use”, we strive to provide customers with more efficient, flexible, and economical solutions to facilitate digital transformation and boost operational efficiency.
As a cloud computing service model, SaaS enables customers to utilize our software products over the internet, without the need for complicated local installation and maintenance. This not only saves customers significant hardware and software investment costs, but also greatly reduces the hassles of post-installation maintenance. More importantly, the SaaS model makes software updates and upgrades effortless, allowing customers to consistently enjoy the latest and most advanced features and services, thus reducing the total cost of ownership.

Perpetual License

We are dedicated to providing enterprises with outstanding supply chain software products such as TMS, WMS, and BMS, along with a lifetime usage license model that is deployed in your dedicated cloud environment.
This long-term commitment offers customers certainty in their investment and stability in long-term returns. Within the internal network, data is rigorously protected by stringent security measures, which is crucial for businesses with stringent data security requirements. Additionally, it gives you greater autonomy and control to customize the software’s functionality, interface, and processes to meet specific business needs. Simultaneously, customers are able to manage software updates and maintenance independently.


We understand that the efficiency of business operations relies heavily on the collaborative work of various software systems. Regardless of whether it’s a SaaS model or a private deployment model, we are committed to achieving seamless connectivity with your existing software systems, ensuring smooth data exchange and business collaboration.
Through standardized API interfaces, we are able to meet the integration needs of different customers, realizing real-time synchronization and sharing of data between multiple systems.
We provide comprehensive technical support and consulting services. We will work closely with customers to deeply understand their business requirements and technical environment, tailoring the most suitable integration solution.

Customized Development

Our products are built on the NiuX aPaaS platform, integrating numerous advanced common components like workflow engines, reporting engines, and custom form builders. This provides our software with a high level of configurability, enabling us to easily handle our clients’ complex and evolving business requirements.
However, we still offer comprehensive customized development services. We are fully aware that each customer has unique business needs, if necessary, we will further provide tailored solutions based on their specific requirements. Whether it’s optimizing business processes, personalizing interfaces, or developing special features, we will go all out to ensure that customers receive the most satisfactory products.


Steel Industry

Supply side reform and capacity reduction in the steel industry aim to improve the quality of steel.

Chemical Industry

Digital technology will play a revolutionary role in improving efficiency and business transformation in all aspects.

Energy Industry

The demand for new energy has significantly increased, with broad market space and strong development resilience.

Automotive Industry

The high complexity of supply chain management requires the urgent use of new technologies to achieve lean management.

Cement Industry

Explore the research and application of energy-saving and carbon reduction technologies, extend the industrial chain, and reduce carbon emissions.

Coal Industry

Continuously improving the level of digitalization, networking, and intelligence, accelerating the reconstruction of economic development and governance.

Agriculture and Husbandry

The application of new technologies is accelerating the formation of the agricultural product industry system.

Logistics Industry

The emergence of NVOCC and NTOCC has promoted the digitalization process of the industry on a large scale.

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