Integrations & Open API

Data Exchange Center

The NiuX Data Exchange Center is a unique microservice built into the platform, responsible for exchanging business data with numerous external third-party systems.
The NiuX data exchange center will be responsible for collecting business data from various applications within the platform and completing standardized assembly according to the predetermined theme, and publishing data packets to the message bus in the form of messages. External third-party systems obtain business data from NiuX through message subscriptions.

Active push pull of data

There are two mechanisms provided to obtain external data: (1) based on timers or messages, actively pulling data from external APIs, or (2) based on a specific generic API waiting for external system calls. After obtaining external data, the NiuX data exchange center will publish events to the message bus, and through NiuX’s subscription to different events, complete the distribution and processing of external data within the platform.

Low coupling interconnection

The NiuX data center provides an asynchronous, open, and standardized unified processing mechanism for data exchange between applications and external systems, providing a feasible low coupling solution to eliminate data silos.

Extension of Document

NiuX provides unlimited possibilities for expanding information in business forms. Users can infinitely add various types of information fields on the form and define their display/hide, optional/mandatory fields. We also provide search support for these potential future expansion fields.

Data aggregation

We can also combine and calculate data from different external sources and formats with NiuX business data, and present the mixed results to complex reports and large screen systems. The application of the NiuX report engine can collect and express heterogeneous data from multiple systems through various methods such as database direct connection, API, and even Excel import, and ultimately present it perfectly in a graphical and textual manner.

Core Components

We have rebuilt the third-generation basic platform NiuX, which integrates many common core components throughout the entire product line, providing a solid guarantee for the rapid development, high scalability, high configurability, and high reliability of software platforms.

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